The Academy: Health Optimization For Men

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The Academy: Health Optimization For Men

PER | Tim Perreira

**PRE-LAUNCH: I'm opening up just a handful of spots to start for guys who are willing to give feedback and help create a course that provides the most valuable feedback possible.

While I have the entire course outlined, only a portion of The Academy will be completed for pre-launch members, as it's my goal to use the group's feedback to provide the most valuable program possible.**

The program to help you master the fundamentals of mental & physical health.

WHO is this course for?

  • High performers who have lost their sense of self and their health has suffered as a result.
  • Health & wellness beginners who want to understand better the fundamentals of living a healthy life.
  • Guys who have tried many things, but nothing seems to stick and they're not sure where to turn next. (hint: I got you covered)
  • Men who are coachable, committed, and in it for the long haul.

WHAT you get:

  • Self-guided COURSE with 30+ video lessons and action items you can implement immediately
  • Private Facebook Group for accountability, community, & support
  • Downloadable PDF Resources
  • LIVE group coaching calls
  • BONUS: 60-min 1:1 Coaching Call w/ Tim
  • My best tools & templates

THE ACADEMY helps you:

  • Use a clear framework to identify your core values, create powerful goals, and an action plan to achieve them
  • Build a bulletproof mindset & mental fitness
  • Create healthy habits that actually stick
  • Curate an environment to hit all your goals
  • SO MUCH more

Guys I work with often experience these CHALLENGES:

  • They feel STUCK, without PURPOSE, and lack MOTIVATION: Often feels like a mid-life crisis
  • They're UNFULFILLED & not prioritizing themselves anymore: Not feeling like they are IN CONTROL of the direction their life is headed
  • ​Feeling frustrated they can’t FIGURE IT OUT: Have tried some things in the past that either didn’t work or they weren’t able to stay disciplined long enough to see results

The OUTCOMES you can expect:

  • CLARITY and a true understanding of CORE VALUES that guide your decision-making in life 
  • GAIN CONTROL of your life again by finding purpose & direction
  • ​Self-confidence, more energy, deeper focus, and a sense of INNER CALM

Areas of focus in THE ACADEMY:

  • Self-Awareness: Learn how to know yourself. Only then can you improve.
  • Take Inventory: Develop your health baseline.
  • Foundation: Improve the fundamentals of your health.
  • Improved Self-Love + Confidence: It's imperative to build belief that you can do what you set your mind to.
  • Systems + Frameworks: Build consistency through habits & discipline with a simple science-backed approach.
  • Coaching + Support: Lean on other guys who have been through what you're going through.
  • The Fundamentals (coming soon): Nutrition, optimal sleep, breath-work, meditation, exercise

Let me know if you have any questions 👉 hello@perwellness.co

I want this!

BONUS Included For FREE w/ Your Pre-Order:

Private FB Group
60-Min 1:1 Coaching Call
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